Saturday, 28 January 2012

are rescues too tough on potential adopters?

Here's a link to a great post by Retrieverman:

I think it can go both ways... rescues can be very tough on potential adopters, and needlessly exclude many great families. In fact I was turned down twice by my local humane society before I finally was able to adopt Archie. There was a huge process of getting my landlords permission, having all my roommates meet him, and getting a letter from my parents (even though I was 19), all because I was a student. However a friend of mine (also a student, living in a rental with roommates) went to the same institution, picked out and adopted a cat in one day. It all depends on who you talk to, I suppose.

However, I do agree with the pet always going back to the rescue, if it doesn't work out with the original adoptive family. Although you may be able to find another home for your pet, who is to say they will not turn around and give the pet to someone else? And then that person does the same thing? An animal could easily end up in a bad situation... rescuers love their fosters and just want to ensure they are well taken care of.


Saturday, 21 January 2012

it's that time of year again...

Time to search for a summer job! Now, last summer this was a bit of a bust, I ended up working two part-time retail jobs. Not this summer! I'm going to beef up my resume, and apply apply apply to jobs in both ecology and landscape architecture fields. I feel qualified to do nothing (except maybe work in a pet store!) but my resume reads like I might actually be a good person to hire.

My ideal summer job will:
  • Have both indoor and outdoor components
  • Improve my skills in either ecology or landscape architecture (or maybe both!)
  • Be located within an hour radius of Guelph
  • Pay at least $15/hour (preferably closer to $20/hour)
And finally, there will be potential for me to return next summer. This would negate the need to go through this horrible application process that I will be forced to endure over the next few months!

So, if you know anyone hiring, let me know!

Sunday, 15 January 2012

goodbye willow

Well, Willow has been adopted. And not by me, although I did get to re-home her myself. It was a sad day, but to be honest, it was a long time coming. She was never meant to be mine, and although I will miss her very much I think she is better off. At least I hope so.

Willow was adopted out to an older, retired woman who lives about an hour away. She has two new collie siblings, a seven year old rough tri named Weston, and an eight year old collie cross named Keely. I think Weston and Willow will be great friends, both are exceedingly gentle personalities and love to play chase! And since Willow is the only one of the three agile enough to jump on her new owners bed, I'm sure she will get lots of special cuddle time.

I've been trying to encourage Willow's new owner to continue to feed her Acana (which I switched her to once she was DQ'd), however she is not sure about switching off her vet food (yuck!). I hope Willow and Keely's continuing allergies will help her decide to make the switch.

However, I know she will be loved to death, and that is the important thing. She will be brushed, taken on walks, and treated with respect and affection. And her owner has promised to send me updates of her welfare, and even suggested I go visit in the spring. Yay! After loving and training Willow for almost a year and a half, I'm glad she will not completely leave my life.