Tuesday, 19 November 2013

on-leash reactivity

On-leash reactivity was something I learned a lot about in a short period of time when I was fostering Ollie, who was extremely reactive to both dogs and people. I found this video to help a friend who is currently dealing with it in her labrador.


Although neither Piper nor Ace are particularly reactive, I still think about counter-conditioning and keeping them under threshold, and I am more willing to make the space they need. Probably why I rarely have leash-walking problems anymore, since my dogs are certainly not perfect.

Monday, 18 November 2013

canine good neighbour test (CGN)

This past Saturday, I drove out to Barrie to enter both Ace and Piper in CGN tests. The CGN (canine good neighbour) test is intended to be awarded to dogs with good manners; they need to be able to be polite while greeting a stranger, walk through a crowd of dogs and people, and be left with a stranger for 3 minutes, among a few other things. It is run by the CKC, and I felt this was a good designation for both dogs to have under their belts, as it might help convince a future landlord that my dogs are good and I am a responsible dog owner.

Piper was fantastic, she did every station perfectly. Ace did jump a bit when the tester greeted him, but he was so amazing in the out of sight stay, they still passed him.

The test was not until 10:00, and I had arrived before 9:00 in hopes of entering Piper in Rally Novice, and Obedience Pre-Novice for the afternoon trial. Unfortunately I mis-read the rules, which I thought stated all entries must be submitted an hour before the trial. Apparently, the rule is that all entries must be submitted an hour before the start of the FIRST trial. I should have been there before 8:00 in order to enter last minute. Disappointing, but I will just have to look for another trial! Maybe there will be one in January I can get to.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

busy november

Big things happening. As I am approaching the end of my masters degree, it appears I will be jobless for (hopefully) a short period of time. So, I am leaving my amazing apartment which I love, to move into my parent's basement. Temporarily. I hope.

They are less than thrilled with the two cats and two dogs moving with me, but I'm sure we will all manage just fine. Temporarily.

So it is a busy time of year:
- finishing up my thesis (I think I am almost finished writing)
- packing (I move in 3 weeks)
- visiting all my friends before I move, since I don't know when I will be back to this area
- and training my dogs!

Piper and Ace are registered for their Canine Good Neighbour (CGN) tests on November 16th. We have been practicing, and chatting with a few friends who's dogs have passed, and I think we are ready. As long as they each have 10 minutes or so to settle before we go in, I don't expect any problems. I think this test will be great when I (hopefully soon) am looking for another apartment.

Since there are also CKC Rally and Obedience trials occurring at the same time, I am hoping there will be space to enter Piper in one run of Pre-Novice Obedience, and one run of Rally Novice. It looks like there will be space in Rally, but I'm not sure about Obedience.

I also have to purchase a membership with the CKC, which I'm not super thrilled about, as I strongly disagree with the breed standards imposed on many extremely unhealthy breeds, such as pugs. However if I want to trial in Obedience, CKC is the only venue I am aware of.

Have I mentioned moving in my my parents is temporary?
Wish us luck!