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Honey was a 1.5 yr old female black labrador, who was a foster with Autism Dog Services. She was with me from February to April 2009. Honey had previously lived with a family who kept her in the basement, and gave her for free to ADS. While with me, we worked on being calm in public places, and learning to live in a house and act politely around people (specifically not chewing, counter-surfing, or jumping). She would get very stressed by moving, and was trialed with two families before being disqualified. Honey was re-homed with a couple and their four year old son, about six months after the adoption I went to visit and she was quite happy to have found her forever home!

Willow was a tri-colour smooth collie puppy who was a foster puppy with Autism Dog Services. She came to me at 10 weeks old, and was with me from August 2010 to January 2012. She was a very sweet girl, and a great introduction to herding breeds. Willow was disqualified from the ADS program for having allergies that would require medication throughout most of the year. She was adopted by a wonderful older woman who was passionate about collies and had two others to keep Willow company. I hear from her owner every few months, and visit with them about once per year. She is a very lucky girl!

Ollie was a three year old, black tri australian shepherd, fostered with Australian Shepherd Rescue and Placement Helpline (ARPH). He came to me in May 2012 and left in August 2012. He was an owner surrender, and a very difficult dog for me to deal with. Ollie was a counter-surfer, cat-chaser, and a barker. He was extremely leash reactive to both people and dogs. When Ollie left me he was moved to another foster family with a fenced yard and more ability to exercise him, and was adopted a month later! I haven't heard any updates of how he is doing with his adoptive family, but I know that he is still with them.

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