Friday, 24 August 2012

introducing piper!

Meet my new addition, Piper! She is a Red Merle Australian Shepherd, and my new (hopefully) sport dog. Bred by Wendy at No Rulz Aussies, she was born on June 20th, 2012, to parents Jynx and Riggs. Registered name is No Rulz Red Alert.

Piper side profile, looking up at a treat!
Piper was the first puppy born in a litter of eight, four males and four females. She is certainly full of beans, always running around with the zoomies! I brought home some little tennis balls for her, and she is already consistently retrieving them, which I'm so excited about!

Piper looking into the camera. Her eyes are changing from blue to hazel.
Her first night home, she slept a full 9 hours! Unfortunately it appears that was a fluke... it looks like we'll be getting up around 5am for the next few nights, until she has more bladder control. She eats good, poops good, and has only had a few accidents, which is to be expected from a nine week old puppy.

Napping on the floor! Her coat has a really striking pattern.

Further updates and pictures to come soon!