Breed: Australian Shepherd

Colour: Red Merle                                    

Birthday: June 20, 2012

Registration: CKC, ASCA

Acquired: as a performance dog from NoRulz Australian Shepherds (NoRulz Red Alert)

Favourite Food: Crumps sweet potato, Zukes

Favourite Activity: Running and fetching                                                                               

Titles: HIC (Herding Instinct Certificate)
           CGN (Canine Good Neighbour),
           RN (Rally Novice - ASCA, scores of 189, 197, 186)
           RN (Rally Novice - CKC, scores of 93, 90, 99)
           PCD (Pre-Novice Obedience - CKC)
           RA (Rally Advanced - CKC, scores of 91, 92, 93)
           JS-N (Jumpers Standard, Novice - ASCA)
           SGDC (Starter Games Dog of Canada - AAC)

Legs:  RA (Rally Advanced - ASCA, scores of 192, 196)
           Sub-Novice (Non-Regular Obedience - ASCA, score of 155/160)
           Novice Standard (Agility - ASCA, one Q)
           Advanced Gamblers (Agility - AAC, one Qs)


Piper at 9 weeks
Piper hiking

Piper earned her SGDC title in AAC, with Judge Dan Yielding

Agility practice

Rally trial (Novice)

Ribbons from Piper's first ASCA trial

Piper's herding instinct test at 11 months
Piper hiking at 19 months

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