Wednesday, 12 June 2013

puppy visit

About two weeks ago, Josh and I went back to visit Piper and Baron's breeder. They have a new litter of four puppies (half siblings to ours) that we got to cuddle and play with. Puppies are so adorable, I just wanted to take them all home! There are three females and one male. The breeder decided none of the puppies were good enough to keep as a breeding dog, so they will all be going to pet/performance homes. The little black tri male was my favourite, Josh's favourite is the red tri female.

We had also brought along Piper and Baron, who got to come play once the puppies were tired. They played a bit with their sister, Party. They also got to hang out with their mama. Jynx is definitely more of a people dog than a dog dog though, and she and Piper got into a bit of a tiff. But still, it was neat to see her interact with her former babies!

Piper, Jynx, and Baron

Jynx, Piper, and Baron. Everybody's sniffing!