Sunday, 12 February 2012

winter at the cottage - pt 2

A few weeks ago at the cottage, I had a great time testing out my new camera! I took a few landscape shots...

Night shots... 

And action shots!

Ace had a blast playing fetch on the ice with his chuckit frisbee. I do have doubts I should be letting him jump around like with with his bad elbows, but I figure once in a while is ok since he loves it so much!

Don't forget the game of tug with my reluctant mom!

And once in a while, a big miss...

Although we didn't see much sun, a fun weekend was had by all!

Wednesday, 8 February 2012

winter at the cottage - part 1

Today is a short post, I have more photos to add, but no time to add them. I love my new camera, but so far the main downside is that the photos take FOREVER to load! Must figure out how to make them just a little bit smaller.

 Toby hanging out in his favourite spot - beside the woodstove!

Venison stew cooking on the woodstove...yum :)