Monday, 10 August 2015

tricks are for kids (and dogs)

Since I moved from Guelph, I've spent quite a bit of time teaching various tricks. With Piper, I enjoy spending time learning multi-step tricks. She's so eager, and offers so many different behaviours, I find it a blast to teach her!

I've worked a bit with Ace as well, mostly on things that I had tried (and failed) to teach him when he was younger. 

Its great for in the winter, when its too cold and snowy to go on many walks. I also find it a nice break from obedience and rally. We are able to work on different skills and body postures. I feel like the more we do, the more attentive Piper becomes, and ultimately the better obedience dog she becomes!

This year my goal is to teach Piper a bomb-proof "hold". Hopefully that will allow us to move easily from Novice to Open Obedience, when we are ready. 

A few of Piper's favourites...
Beg - one of Piper's favourite tricks to offer

Bow - another fun one. She can find this position from either a stand or a down.

Handstand - one of the most difficult we have learned so far. Another one she likes to offer!

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