Monday, 7 September 2015

ASCA 2015

This year, I took Piper down to the ASCA trial at Tee Creek. We have gone every summer, it is my favourite trial of the year :) It was about a 3.5 hour drive, so this year we also camped at the farm for two nights, a first with my girl.

Saturday we were entered in two rally advanced runs, one sub-novice obedience run, and two jumpers agility runs. Sunday we were entered in a whole day of agility - two jumpers, two gamblers, and two standards.

Saturday we had a great day, qualifying in both rally runs, the obedience run, and one of the jumper runs. Not too shabby! Sunday we qualified in another jumper run (for Piper's first agility title, JS-N) and a standard run.

I was super happy with her. She was focused, and happy to work through the whole weekend. She ran, and qualified, in three different events in one day, and ran five times. In ASCA there's no option to lower heights until the dog is seven years, so Pip had to jump at 20". Normally we train and trial in AAC at 16", so she had a few dropped bars. I wasn't too concerned with that. I screwed up the timing for our gambler runs, so again, my fault. I was super happy Piper successfully did weaves for the first time in a trial! We've worked so hard with them this summer, it was nice to see her able to complete them. I definitely held her back though, I need to learn to trust her more.

Attached are the videos of our two jumper runs and two standards runs from Sunday afternoon.

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